We operate a Custom Kitchen Cabinet shop in Naples Fl. using decades of woodworking skill and experience. We combine techniques from the past with the most advanced computer design for kitchen Cabinets layout technologies of the New Economy. This assures you the most productive, efficient production of your kitchen and Cabinetry while retaining the quality and craftsmanship you want. For competitive quality cabinetry, it is hard to do better than Christi's Cabinetry.

We are not a large factory that mass produces boxes. Instead, we build custom kitchens and custom cabinetry; the cabinets we build are built for you. Our job is to satisfy each customer, one at a time. This is how you get real quality.

Your kitchen will be one of the most used rooms in your home. You will use it every day several times a day. Your kitchen is important. The quality of the cabinets in your kitchen is important. Shouldn't you turn to real craftsman for those custom kitchen cabinets, craftsman like those at Christi's Cabinetry?

Is price important to you?

We can provide custom design at affordable prices because we build the furniture, kitchen, bathroom vanities, custom woodwork, wall units, and build-in, locally in Naples Fl.
and deliver it directly to your home

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Christi's Cabinetry specializes in Build kitchen cabinets, custom Office- Libraries, Entertainment Centers, custom vanity, home theater, Custom Cabinetry, Kitchen remodeling, Bathroom remodeling, high-end and custom kitchen cabinets,Naples Fl. 34109

Christis Cabinetry

Christi's Cabinetry is South Florida's best resource for kitchen design and bathroom design -- as well as custom kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinet design , and Renovation -- in southwest Florida, Our designer, craftsmen?s, and installers create custom made cabinets for kitchens, bathrooms, closets, custom made entertainment cabinets, home bars, and other custom woodwork, in all style and budget. Whether you are taking into account new kitchen cabinets, bath cabinets, or other custom cabinetry for your new residential home or remodeling project, we can help build your ideal kitchen, dream bath, or other inspiration an authenticity.

By visiting our website, you can experience the level of kitchen design, kitchen remodeling, custom cabinetry, and bathroom remodeling design services we provide. We invite you to see the wide variety of kitchen cabinets, wall units, built-ins cabinets, kitchen cabinetry, and bathroom vanity designs, custom built closets, and other. Our custom cabinet shop in Naples Florida is here to help stir your imagination, see what's possible, and help in the design process.

Entertainment Centers
Are used to house your television and many other components related to your multimedia or home theatre systems. If you are planning an entertainment center or home theatre system, we will arrange a free in-home consultation to determine the best solution for you. There are three main types of Entertainment Centers:


Built In

Built-in entertainment centers actually become part of your home. They are often used in recessed spaces and for systems that span the entire wall. The system is trimmed to the surrounding walls and sometimes the ceiling giving it a permanently installed look and feel. These units are not designed to be moved to other rooms or houses because they are typically built to specific dimensions. Built-in furniture gives a room a classic and settled feel and adds permanent value to your home/condominium.

Corner Units
Corner entertainment systems give viewers the maximum viewing angle for TV and movie viewing. Corner units can be the solution for rooms that cannot accommodate Free Standing or built in units due to the room configuration. We custom design the corner units to match your home furnishings, décor and shape of your room.

Free Standing
Our Free Standing designs resemble built-ins, but are more versatile. They are constructed of several separate pieces that are joined together with special features so they appear as one large piece of furniture once the installation is completed. Free Standing systems are designed to be disassembled and moved to another room or house if your needs change.

Why Choose Christis Cabinetry?

Are you looking for furniture to fit a particular space?

Everything is available any size. We offer built-in, set-in, and freestanding designs in all types of furniture, including Office Systems, Custom Cabinetry, Kitchen, kitchen island, Entertainment Centers, Custom bathroom vanities, Dining, Armoires, and Bookcases.

Do you have special functional needs?
We help you with the design, considering both function and aesthetics to create a piece that is beautiful and helps you get organized.

Are you finding a lot of ready-made furniture that is almost what you're looking for?
We can work from that design, making functional and aesthetic modifications to give you exactly what you want. We offer a wide variety of wood species and finishes to fit your décor.

Would you like something unique?
Because of your personal involvement in the design process, your furniture is unique and reflects your individuality.

Is price important to you?

We can provide custom design at affordable prices because we build the furniture, kitchen, bathroom vanities, custom woodwork, wall units, and build-in, locally in Naples Fl.
and deliver it directly to your home

Office-Library Systems

So many people are opting to work out of their home and are finding that the systems that are available through retail don't quite fit their needs. Whether you are the occasional web surfer or a serious professional in need of a full office system, we can design a room for you.

Custom Cabinetry

Allows the homeowner to individualize their home and address their particular storage/display challenges. Cabinets
can be built into alcove, corners, wrapped around entire rooms, or built to fill a small area deemed unusable. Box
beam ceiling can change a room from ordinary to spectacular. Murphy beds can free up floor space that can be used
for Home Offices or playrooms. Dry or wet bars, Mantles, window seats and unique built-in-cabinetry will add permanent value to your home

Corner Units
Corner units are used when a room is "space challenged". We can design very attractive and functional pieces to
take advantage of every bit of space others might consider unusable.

Complete Rooms

We can converts a bare room into a fully functional home office, library, den,
or family room. The results will solve many of your storage problems, provide display
areas for your collectibles, and any other unique challenges that you have. The addition
of a Murphy bed can give you the ability to have a room that  functions for one use
during the day and converts to a guestroom at night. Unlike retailers, we can build
around any obstacles like uneven walls, windows, doors, fireplaces, heating/AC vents,
or existing cabinetry.

End Pieces
Is there a spot in your home that is currently useless because you can't find a piece of furniture that "fits"? We can design and build you a built in or free standing unit that will match other furniture in the room and turn that useless space into something of value.

Serving in Lee and Collier counties. Marco Island, Naples, Bonita Springs, Estero, Fort Myers, Sanibel, Cape Coral


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